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JCQ Regulations

Warning to Candidates 16-17

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice 16-17

Information for candidates – controlled assessments 16-17

Information for candidates – non examination assessments 16-17

Information for candidates – social media 16-17

Information for candidates – coursework 16-17

Information for candidates – written exams 16-17

Self Certification Candidate Missed an Exam

No Mobile Phone poster 16-17


GCSE Timetable 2016-2017

YR 11 GCSE Exam timetable 16-17

Water Sports ’18!

Year 7 and 8 students are currently being offered the chance to take part in a PGL activity trip to the Ardech and the Languedoc area of France. It’s an action packed trip which will help to improve students’ confidence and increase independence. They will get to take part in a wide range of water based activities including cliff jumping, canoeing, abseiling, sailing, wind surfing and rafting. They will also get plenty of time for making new friends, experiencing life away from home and sight-seeing.

The deposit for the trip is £50 and needs to be paid by the end of January. The complete cost of the trip is £525 and will be departing on 31st May 2018 so plenty of time to pay in easy instalments.

We have 20 spaces left which we need to fill for the trip to take place.

Visit our Flickr Gallery to see students participating in the previous trip.

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Don’t forget from January 2017…..

Uniform Expectations

All students must arrive to school in full school uniform every day.  This means:

  • All students should wear their blazers properly; to, from and around school.
  • All students should wear suitable school trousers – no jean type trousers are allowed
  • No facial piercings or very noticeable make-up, including nail varnish.
  • No jewellery, other than a watch and two ear studs on the ear-lobes

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School Day Times

From 5th January 2017 the timings of the school day have changed. Make sure that you are at school for 8:35am and that you go straight to lesson one for 8:40am

If you are late, you could have detention with your form tutor at break!! Be ready for school every day.

Behaviour Policy

Our updated behaviour and rewards policy start in the new term.  This means that you will have lots of opportunities to earn and receive SHINE points and rewards.

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